Indian Jewelers

turqbraceletIndian jewelers truly have the ability to create intricate and awe-inspiring pieces of art. The time and patience put into the create of their handmade jewelry shows how much passion and care the artist really put into the creation of the piece. The most adorned of these handmade pieces of art include necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Pieces of jewelry made by Native Americans are prized possessions both to us today and to the tribes of yesteryear. The elements making up the design of Indian jewelry embodies cultural diversity and history of the tribe responsible for its styling and creation. What some people don’t know is that in addition to each tribe having their own signature techniques in the creation of their jewelry, many jewelry designs used by Native Americans are actually “hybrid” styles. Many designs and methods were mixed due to intertribal trading. This certainly made for the invention of more beautiful, diverse handmade jewelry.

Indian jewelers make use of many natural elements in the creation of jewelry. Gemstones, metal, wood, animal hide, and even bones and teeth were among the most widely used assets in jewelry creation. Handmade Indian jewelry creation has since become more advanced, introducing silver and elements like beads, more diverse element designs, and the introduction of one of the most popular Native American jewelry elements, turquoise.